Civil law notary Nuenen

Civil law notary Nuenen

Marks Wachters notarissen - notary Nuenen

Are you looking for a notary in Nuenen, Gerwen or Nederwetten? Marks Wachters notarissen Nuenen is thé notary in the Nuenen region.

Marks Wachters notarissen Nuenen presents itself by offering a full-service package of notarial services in those areas of the law with which many people are completely or partially unfamiliar. One of the most well-known and visible duties of civil-law notaries is drawing up notarial deeds. What is less well-known, but as least as important, is the supervision and management of the entire logistics operation surrounding this process, with all parties involved and their financial interests. Supervising this process guarantees that the notarial deeds are executed on the intended date and that the monetary transactions take place on time.


Our services

We can help you with practically all notarial deeds that occur in a general civil-law practice.

Such as:

  • Cohabitation agreements and prenuptial agreements, last wills, certificates of inheritance (family law practice)
  • Incorporation of private companies (private limited company), partnerships, associations and foundations (legal entities)
  • Purchase contracts for houses, deeds of transfer and deeds of mortgage (registered property practice). And of course, before a deed is drawn up, providing notarial and legal advice, dealing not only with the legal aspects, but also with the tax consequences and the human factors.

And, concerning human factors: you will take your decisions yourself, but you might find it sensible and useful to test your ideas with an outspoken and objective sparring partner: your civil-law notary.


The office of Marks Wachters notarissen Nuenen has a beautiful location in the heart of Nuenen with plenty of parking space in front of our office.


Civil law notary Nuenen


Parkstraat 54

5671 GH Nuenen


P. (040) 283 13 03

F. (040) 283 63 75



Monday to Friday: 8.30 - 17.00 hours


Civil law notary Nuenen

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Posted on 31 januari 2023

Telkens weer super geholpen. Uitleg in Jip en Janneke taal. Dit geeft zoveel vertrouwen. Het blijft voor mij toch iets war ik niet dagelijks mee te maken heb.

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Tim f
Posted on 30 januari 2023

Goede service reageren snel en denken tegelijkertijd met je mee

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Posted on 21 januari 2023

In ons geval was er enige haast bij het passeren van de akte Mark Wachters notarissen was altijd erg professioneel en snel. Hele traject doorlopen zonder problemen.

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